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Polaris Postal Service 

Polaris Postal Service is an explorative, narrative-driven experience where players deliver mail to inhabitants of a breathtaking forest, navigating and exploring by way of celestial navigation.

The player joins this remote community as their newest postal worker and is tasked with connecting the inhabitants of the community through mail delivery.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolarisPostal

Discord: https://discord.gg/tEdVDa6ePf

Website: https://www.polarispostalservice.com/


Who We Are 

Polaris Postal Service is a capstone partnership project formed by 14 members of the Champlain College Game Studio class of 2021. Starting in September of 2020 the original 6 members of Team Gamma Major created the concept for a game based on celestial navigation. After several rigorous months of testing, conceptualizing, and pitching; Polaris Postal Service was greenlighted by Champlain College to be fully developed and published for spring 2021.   


Polaris Postal Service 311 MB

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